IB Diploma Programme Management

ag手机登录网址Designed for the modern IB Diploma Programme

  • Instantly see where your students stand with the Diploma Core (CAS, EE, ToK).
  • Plan your curriculum with the new pilot DP unit planners.
  • Automate your IBIS registration instead of spending hours on manual data entry.
  • Record individual orals and manage IA requirements for Groups 1, 2 & 4.
  • Improve school-to-home communication with students & parents.
  • Manage your IB Diploma Programme (DP) on mobile and web
IB Diploma Programme (DP) Management!
IB Diploma Programme (DP)

Managing the Core

Instantly see where your students stand with the Diploma Core (CAS, EE, ToK)

Track Progress

Effectively track CAS progress with the CAS guide requirements.

ag手机登录网址Add Activities

ag手机登录网址Easily add experiences and request Coordinator & CAS Advisor approval.

ag手机登录网址Submit to IB

Export CAS experiences portfolios as a consolidated PDF and submit online direct to the IB for moderation (for schools in IBAP and IBAEM).

Post Reflections

Students can reflect meaningfully through journals, websites, photos and files, which are linked back to the 7 CAS learning outcomes.

ag手机登录网址Extended Essay

View and approve proposals, record interview notes, set deadlines & to-dos and submit files with TurnItIn integration.

Theory of Knowledge

ag手机登录网址Set ToK paper deadlines with built-in prescribed titles, collaborate on the ToK presentation, and organise presentation evaluation comments & video recordings.

One-click Exam Registration

No more manual data entry! Streamline exam registration with direct IBIS integration for Anticipated, Course and Full Diploma candidates.

Personalised Exam Calendars

ag手机登录网址Set exam proctors, room locations and times. Personalized exam calendars are built automatically and made accessible on ManageBac Web and ManageBac for Mobile.

Invoicing & Security

Generate invoices for parents in bulk and securely distribute IBIS PINs to candidates.

Manage the IB Diploma Programme (DP) with ManageBac


ag手机登录网址Tailored for the unique needs of international schools running the IB Curriculum. ManageBac provides broad curriculum support, customisable assessment and reporting, an easy to use interface across web and mobile platforms.

Diploma Unit Planners

Designed on the 3rd model template, the DP unit planner allows you to collaboratively organise and plan your curriculum with resources.

Centralise curriculum planning

  • Organise coverage of topics and eliminate paperwork.
  • Select from built-in course criteria, subjects, aims, and syllabus content.
  • Find opportunities to integrate the DP Core into the classroom by building stronger links to CAS and ToK.
An intuitive coursework interface to fulfill your IB Diploma Programme (DP) Management needs!

Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates

ag手机登录网址With over 607 sets of academic & accreditation standards and benchmarks to our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.

Learning & Teaching

Our unique database design & architecture means that:

  • When you create a class, you choose from authorised subjects, which allows teachers to collaboratively share curriculum, resources and tasks & assignments effortlessly.
  • Differentiation is supported naturally within mixed HL & SL classes allowing units and assignments to be taught separately.
  • When a curriculum review occurs, we do the heavy lifting to centrally update the assessment criteria, objectives, IA forms, and syllabi, saving our schools countless hours each year.
  • Transition years are managed seamlessly, e.g. DP1 will teach a new subject guide, while DP2 remains on the old curriculum.


ag手机登录网址Staff can view events, tasks, deadlines, exams, and entire calendars by year group, individual class, or activity group (i.e. Basketball Club). Students also have access to their own calendar, which is populated with their associated items and updated in real-time.


Create summative and formative tasks linked to units, custom categories, and resources with support for differentiation (i.e. HL or SL). Allow for student uploads and plagiarism checking with our Turnitin integration.

ag手机登录网址Integrated with

ag手机登录网址Supported file types

  • Website or Video
  • GDocs
  • Files (PDF, PPT, DOC, TXT)
  • Photo
  • Note


Teachers record class attendance based on the configured preferences (i.e. weekdays and rotation-based, categories, days off). Admins can manage attendance by student, class, or curriculum and set daily digests, send reminders to teachers, and absences to parents.


ag手机登录网址As a teacher or administrator you can view assignment deadlines, exams, and entire class calendars by year, group (such as Basketball or Drama Club), or by individual class. Students also get a real-time view of their term as calendar items are synced as soon as they are added by their instructors.


ag手机登录网址Communicate with year groups, teachers, and individual students to provide feedback, suggestions, and add clarity about tasks and assignments. Parents using ManageBac can also receive messages about their students performance alerting them to potential issues as they happen.

Portfolio & eCoursework

Students gradually build a digital portfolio over time as they submit coursework in to their classes for individual assessments. All submitted work is automatically grouped into subjects with learning goals linked to learner profile attributes. All portfolios can be exported as PDFs or synced to our partners for applying to higher education

Bulk Submit your Coursework

ag手机登录网址Easily organise and submit portfolio coursework from ManageBac to EC3 without manually downloading and re-uploading files.

ag手机登录网址Built-in Direct Integration with IBIS

Easily drag and drop files from anywhere on ManageBac, into IBIS for eCoursework submission.

All subjects, Diploma Core elements and coursework forms are supported, including:

  • Group 1 & 2 Orals
  • TOK Essay
  • Visual Arts Portfolio

Assessment & Reporting

Tailored for the unique need of international schools, our systems provide built-in IB DP Curriculum support and country-specific assessment requirements, all wrapped in to a sleek, mobile-ready and easy to use interface.

ag手机登录网址Internal Assessment

ag手机登录网址Built-in Internal Assessment forms and worksheets for Groups 1, 2 and 4 provide a workflow for recording orals, assigning works from the Prescribed Books list and managing practicals & labs in the Sciences. Easily export to the IA, Cover Sheet and PSOW forms.


ag手机登录网址Submit individual task and term assessments by points and anecdotal feedback with customised category weightings and grade boundaries. Create term rubrics for all or specific subjects. Administrators can track in real-time the progress of term grade submissions by subject or student.

ag手机登录网址Google Docs

ag手机登录网址In less than 3 clicks, teachers can link, assign, and distribute a Google Doc template to their entire class. For students, this provides one-click access to their GDocs editor with the coursework template pre-loaded, and automatically saves the submitted GDoc to their portfolio with all marks and annotations preserved for future reference.

ag手机登录网址Our Turnitin integration allows student coursework to be automatically submitted through Turnitin prior to grading in order to improve student writing, empower original thinking, and prevent plagiarism. Access all Feedback Studio features directly from within ManageBac.


Vantage Readerag手机登录网址 is a built-in tool for all marking and annotation of submitted coursework. Designed to be collaborative, multiple authors can comment and annotate individual assignments in parallel - Just like in Google Docs.

6 Annotation styles


ag手机登录网址Sticky Note

Text Box




Report Cards

ag手机登录网址Coming Soon: Report cards can include a customisable cover letter with signature, learner profile, ATL skills evaluation, overall progress including homeroom advisory comments and attendance, extra-curricular activities and final grade descriptions. Generate reports individually or in bulk as print-ready PDFs which can also be distributed to securely to parents and students online with optional email notifications.

ManageBac for Mobile iOS Android

For Students, Parents, Teachers and Coordinators

The new ManageBac mobile app supports all user types including students, parents, teachers, coordinators & admins across all curriculum programmes with an improved experience on tablet & phone for all key functions: from taking attendance, classroom management, messaging, managing CAS and core requirements.


The Parent Portal provides parents with a local language interface to keep track of their children’s performance, view upcoming tasks and portfolio items, submit attendance excusals, and communicate directly with teachers for real time updates about their child’s academic standing.

School Resources

Download these DP-specific resources to support you and your school with the IB Diploma Programme.

Read our comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions for using ManageBac to register IB DP students for their IB exams through IBIS.

Read our guide on how to use ManageBac to upload to IB eCoursework for the IB Diploma and Career-related programmes, including guidance and next steps for how to get started.

A comprehensive guide designed for school Administrators & DP Coordinators to configure your school’s ManageBac account in a best-practice manner. Includes Subscription Overview, School Account Setup, Getting Started guides, FAQs, help resources and more!

Sample DP Report Card

Designed for flexibility and customisation, reflecting the wide diversity of assessment approaches at IB DP schools.

IB DP Trailblazer Posters

ag手机登录网址 Individual posters for your classroom that highlight inspirational DP graduates changing the world.